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Your Ceancarel has been handcrafted to perfection in Portugal by our own finest artisans, using the high quality materials.

Ceancarel are handmade in limited quantities and can last a lifetime. 

A living material, leather changes, softens, and gains a natural patina with time. 

Ceancarel uses only full grain leather, worked in such a way as to ensure that the grain and natural features, wrinkles, veins, pores, remain visible. Far from being flaws, these nuances reveal the skin’s ‘transparency’, the expression of its excellent quality and ability to age well.

Please read the following tips carefully, as they will help you make your Ceancarel a loyal and reliable partner that stands the test of time.

To maintain and preserve your Ceancarel care should be taken to avoid contact with water, oils, perfumes and cosmetics. prolonged and direct exposure to sources of light and heat should also be avoided.

If your Ceancarel gets wet, remove any excess moisture by dabbing lightly with a soft dry cloth and dry at room temperature.

If the metal hardware on your Ceancarel becomes discoloured, use a dry jewellery cleaning cloth to remove any tarnishing.

Due to the natural tanning process our leathers may cause colour transfer, especially in humid environments. Please keep this in mind, particularly when wearing light colours.

To preserve its original beauty and maintain its silhouette, your Ceancarel leather object needs time to rest.

When you are not using it, make sure to provide it with the best possible preservation conditions: a temperate, dry environment away from light, preferably in its original box or dust cover and papers inside.

Do not overload it or place irregularly shaped items inside. Make sure all zippers are zipped and straps are attached.

We recommend that you do not use anti-humidity sachets, as they have a drying effect on leather.

To maintain its silhouette, place the original paper or bubble wrap inside and make sure all zippers are zipped and straps are attached. Do not overload it or place irregularly shaped items inside. Make sure all zippers are zipped and straps are attached.

Commercial care products are not suitable for Ceancarel leather. Instead of risking permanent damage by trying to care for your Ceancarel yourself. The best way to maintain your Ceancarel is to regularly return it to our workshop to be cleaned and, if needed, restitched and repolished. Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ceancarel Care Service.

With a little pampering, your Ceancarel will become more beautiful and develop even more character with each passing year.