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Care Service

The best way to maintain your Ceancarel is to regularly return it to our workshop to be cleaned and, if needed, restitched and repolished.

Ceancarel offers an in-house repair service for authentic Ceancarel that have been damaged or simply need a freshening-up after years of use.

Every bag is different, and the attention required for each can vary widely. Prior to commencing any work, you will be provided a cost estimate after our artisans receive and inspect your Ceancarel. For more information, please contact our Care Service at The Ceancarel team will reply to your message within two working days.

We cannot guarantee nor verify the authenticity of an item purchased outside our online store at

If you believe you have an authentic Ceancarel, it must be sent to our workshop to be verified by our artisans. Please provide photos of your Ceancarel first and contact our care service.