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Ceancarel is a Portuguese based and internationally known brand founded in 1977. Our finest artisans handcraft to perfection leather pieces, using only the highest quality materials.

It takes an artisan 1461 days to achieve leatherwork mastery.

Ceancarel are handmade in limited quantities to withstand the test of time.

With decades of tradition in the creation, manufacturing and design of leathergoods, Ceancarel is one of the most exclusive, reputed and prestige brand in the leathergood and accessories world.

It takes more than money to wear Ceancarel. For the past 40 years some of the most successful and admired men and women have chosen to wear Ceancarel. Distinctive, uniquely made and quite simply one of a kind.

“Handcrafted to perfection in Portugal, since 1977 by our finest artisans.”

Indinala Birman